Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Kinokabaret Community - just for kinoites

Today I created a community just for people connected to the Kinokabaret.
Join and add your local Kino-cell as a group there (if you are a founder or organizer).
Post your events (Kabarets, screenings) there, as well!
This works like all the other social networks, but it is reserved for Kinoites only.

The advantage of this will be to have a secluded space and to quickly find the next group and the next Kabaret. Of course it is free of charge.

This way we can finally create a European calendar for Kabarets (please write in English and / or German).

This thing includes the possibility to create blogs, forums, upload files, connect and communicate with other kinoites etc.

Hope to find you there soon! Please invite all kinoites you know.

See you at one of the next Kabarets!

Best regards

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