Montag, 24. März 2008

Women unplugged

Although these girls used amps and electricity in their concert this Easter Sunday (so the title unplugged might be misleading), they played solo at a Kreuzberg club called Arcanoa. Their band members had to watch from the densely packed bar.

K.C. McKanzie, Kitty Solaris, and Jeanette Hubert really performed well that night.

They belong to my Myspace friends, so I might find out about coming concerts and releases.
K.C. played some of her new songs from the 3rd album "Hammer and Nails", which bought right away. Her music keeps me company, when I travel near and far.

Sadly for me, she already has a boyfriend. Not a surprise, though!


I just remembered that I heard a very nice concert last wednesday as well together with a girl I had met that same afternoon. Bernhard Eder, who let me use his music for soundtracks twice already, teamed up with MissinCat. Bernhard's music is becoming more powerful, which makes me look forward impatiently to his new album which will be released this fall. Some of his songs contain the violin played by his girlfriend. This time I bought socks that match the colors of his current album "The Livingroom Sessions". Funny merchandize.

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